Automatic winding machine accessorie

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Since 1993, this company has been set up, its personnel's are engaged in researching and developing spinning electromechanical parts. In 2003, they put more effort in reformation of spinning frame. Wenzhou Wanbao Textile Ele. Co., Ltd. is engaged in the development of spare parts for imported looms, such as Japanese MURATA NO.7-II.V.21C, Italian SAVIO autocorners RAS-15 and ESPERO, full sets of fittings for ORION, Schlafhorst 338, Schlafhorst air spinning autocorners 288 and 312 models and air spinning fittings for Swiss RIETER air spinning R20 and R40.

We also specialize in providing main components for compact spinning machines and the reform of compact spinning machines. We have successfully reformed nearly 300,000 compact spinning machines and accumulated rich experience in the process of reform. In order to adapt to the market, we help enterprises save cost, providing reform supports for most old machines and imported old spinning frames, such as Swiss RIETER and G1/5 spinning frames.

In the year of 2011, we moved from Wenzhou to Wuxi. Wuxi is beside famouse scenic lake Taihu, Jiangsu Province. The east is near the Grand Canal of Beijing-Hangzhou, the west close to Xiyi expressway,the north approaching 312 national highway. Wuxi is one of the 15 economic central cities and 10 main tourist cities in China, which provides preferrable condition for corperation development

Our new address is NO.19 FURONG NORTH ROAD, HUDAI, WUXI, JIANGSU, CHINA. We are willing to make friends with new customers. Any inquiry is welcomed.